Testimonies About Our Tracts

"Nice quality Tracts you sent out in my order...great job! We will tell people about your Tracts..."
-Martha M. from Minnesota

"Thanks so much for the custom tracts. I recieved the tracts three days ago. They are beautiful. It's a very good job."
-Frank from New Jersey

"My apologies for not thanking you sooner, but the Ipod tracts came in and look great!!! I have been using them frequently and giving many out to my friends to hand out. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, brother, for all your hard work."
-Jeremy from Florida

"Hello! I just received the custom tracts that I ordered from you. I am so very impressed! Fast shipment and a great product. I will without a doubt do business with you again. Thank you so very much. I'm hitting the streets tomorrow to pass some of these out. God bless you and your ministry. We will talk again soon...."
-Ty from Tennessee

"Hi Kerrigan, I received the tracts last night. They are every bit as high quality as you said they would be. What a great price you are offering them at. Thanks brother for the awesome blessing that your ministry is to the Kingdom."
-Ray from Florida

"We received the Japanese tracts with a couple of days to spare! Thank you so much; they've been a great hit here in Japan! God bless you!"
-Christine A. from Arizona

"Just wanted to let you know I received the tracts yesterday, they are AWESOME! Thanks brother for helping us and together we will reach many of the unreached in Japan for the Lord. Thanks a million! God bless you!"
-Dave R. from Arizona

"I just want to let you know that your company is a HUGE blessing to the Christian community. Before finding your site, I was about to spend about $180 at Christianbooks.com to buy 1800 tracts. That would have gotten me through a little more than 2 weeks of distributing 100 tracts each day. However, with your tracts costing just $220 for 10,000, I will be set for more than 3 months. Thank you dearly for helping others to spread the Gospel. May God continue to bless you!"
-Ebony T. from California

"The Credit Card tracts continue to work great. They are a blast to use with the money tracts. I ask people if they want "cash or credit", and they usually take both. We handed out a several thousand this past Saturday, and I will be ordering more soon!"
-Joe M. from North Carolina

"Kerrigan, I am a BIG believer in your printing/designing skills. Your abilities are extremely well honed and show themselves with each project you take on. More people need to know how good PinPoint is!"
-David W. from Canada

"That is the best gospel tract I have ever got. I receive gospel tracts from Living Waters but the Got Fruit tract is the best I have ever had a breakthrough with in evangelism. Please ship me more of them."
-Belmon from Africa in an email to John M. from Kentucky

"Thanks for a qualiy schedule/tract. Everyone likes them. I have handed out about half of them at 3 local festivals. I am going to some games to hand out the rest."
-Stephen R. from Kentucky

"Thanks Kerrigan! The custom tracts came a couple of hours ago and they look great. Can't wait to pass them out at our community event on the 26th."
-Pastor Dave from California

"Hello. I just wanted to let you know the tracts arrived on Thursday. They look great and they got here fast. Thanks again. I will hopefully be sending them to the Philippines on Monday. Please pray for this. God bless."
-Ryan O. from Minnesota

"Guess what, I got my order today!!! And yes, this is my first order- ever- from anywhere. The tracts are super high quality. They totally surpassed my expectation. I really hope the Lord can use me to help build the body of Christ. Thank you for providing HIS word to so many. May your organization continue to bless others."
-Caty K. from Minnesota

"We received the Infinity Tracts Monday the 22nd, so we were able to "show them off" Christmas Eve. They look great! Invitation, direction, and conviction we hope), all in the same step. We met with a couple joining the church later that evening, and the wife wanted some to hand out to people she thought of immediately. Thanks, and hope your Christmas was enjoyable and fruitful!"
- Al H. from Texas

"Just wanted to say thanks for the tracts! They came really quick and they are great! The guys are gonna love em!"
-Paul K. from California

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that those tracts turned out GREAT! Very sharp printing, very neat, etc. Thanks a lot, and keep it up!"
-Neil B. from Colorado