This page is designed for two reasons: 1) For Christians to become more equipped in the area of Apologetics. If you are witnessing correctly, apologetics probably won't be a huge part of your witnessing encounters, because you should be primarily dealing with the conscience. If you don't understand this, then you need to listen to The Lost Keys as soon as possible so you can learn how to witness Biblically. However, apologetics are important because you should know everything there is to know about your faith and be able to defend your faith (1 Peter 3:15). Also, there are times that a lost person will have a sincere objection to Christianity that is a stumbling block to them believing. 2) For skeptics who are searching to see if the claims of Christianity are valid and true. Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." If you are truly seeking after God, then He will reveal Himself to you. I pray that He does. If you are a skeptic who is searching, then you also need to take this TEST. With these things in mind, here are some things for you to read, watch and listen to. Our Bible Page may be of some interest to you as well. God Bless You as you study to show yourself approved or as you seek to know the truth!


Top Questions- In this five part audio, you will get to here Christian apologists Ravi Zacharias and Dr. William Lane Craig. They are at the University of Iowa in 1997. The setting is a question and answer session where the students ask the most asked questions about the Christian faith. Just click on the one you want to listen to or right click and save to listen later from your own computer.

1- What is the meaning of life?

2- How can we know that God exists? Why is there evil and suffering in the world?

3- How can there be a good God in light of evil and suffering in the world (cont.)? What about Jesus’ Resurrection?

4- Did Jesus resurrection from the dead really happen (cont.)? How can all other religions be wrong?

5- What about all the other religions (cont.)? What about all the violence committed in the name of Jesus? Why can’t we have morals without God?

How We Got Our Bible -Take a listen to this 6 part teaching from Dr. Norman Geisler when he is on the John Ankerberg show. Dr. Geisler is know worldwide for his expertise in this area. He has a Phd. in Philosophy and used to be the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

1-Claims And Proves To Be The Word Of God!

2-There Are No Errors!

3-We Can Trust It!

4-Which Books Belong In The Bible?

5-Modern Translations

6-How Do We Interpret It?

Is the Bible the Word of God? by Chuck Missler- In these two audio sessions, Chuck Missler discusses how we got the Old and New Testaments and how reliable the Bible is. Is it really the Word of God or not? These things and more are explored in these two audios.

How We Got Our Bible #1

How We Got Our Bible #2

Free Apologetic Booklets From Answers In Genesis Ministries- Take a read of a few of these booklets in order to be more equipped to answers questions about Christianity and the Bible. Although we should stick to the conscience when witnessing to the lost, sometimes they will have sincere questions about the faith that we need to be prepared to answer. These booklets address many of the most common questions about Christianity and the Bible. Just click on the picture to take a look. Study to show yourself approved!



301 Startling Proofs And Prophecies That God Exists- This free resource is provided by Peter and Paul Lalonde of Cloud Ten Pictures. It is a very comprehensive resource that talks about everything from Creation to the Dinosaurs to the Flood to Prophecies in the O.T. about Jesus, the Messiah. Check it out!

Mormon Officials/Christian Scholars Compare Doctrine- With Guests Lawrence Flake, K. H. Christensen, Sandra Tanner, Ed Decker and Dr. Walter Martin, John Ankerberg discusses the differences between Mormonism and the Christianity that is found in the Bible. Principal theological teachings of the Mormon Church are presented by Mormon leaders, and are refuted by former Mormons and a Christian scholar. Take a listen so you can be equipped as you witness to Mormons. Just remember to always go to the conscience!

Show #1    Show #2    Show #3    Show #4    Show #5

The Lies, Cover Ups, Changes in Important Doctrines, Dates, and Biblical Interpretations?- With clips from the film Witnesses of Jehovah as a back-drop, Lorrie MacGregor and Dr. Ankerberg discuss major theological teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the evidences which refute Witness teachings with guidelines for presenting this information to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Watch this six show series about the Jehovah False-Witnesses. Take a listen so you can be equipped as you witness to JW's. Just remember to always go to the conscience!

Show #1    Show #2    Show #3    Show #4    Show #5    Show #6

For more information on Other Religions, check out this website:

Zeitgeist: REFUTED & DEBUNKED!- Elliott Nesch has taken the time to go through the claims of the Zeitgeist movie and reveal their lies one by one concerning Jesus Christ and Christianity. Do you believe or do you know people that believer that the Jesus of the Bible has His roots in mythology or pagan religions? Then you/they are sorely mistaken. If you are open to the TRUTH, then watch this whole video.

Islam Refuted From the Qur'an- Kerrigan Skelly refutes Islam, using Presuppositional Apologetics. He does an internal critique of Islam and "blows it up" from the inside, out.

Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics- Kerrigan Skelly teaches on Presuppositional Apologetics. This video is only an introduction to this method of apologetics. To go a little "deeper", check out Dr. Bahnsen's teachings below.

The Ultimate Proof of God- In this video, Jason Lisle, gives the "Ultimate Proof For God's Existence", via Presuppositional Apologetics.

Beginnings Creation Seminar- In this video series, Eric Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism, teaches on literal 6 day creationism.

Dr. Kent Hovind- In this video play list, Dr. Kent Hovind of Creation Science Evangelism, teaches on literal 6 day creationism. All of the basic course is in this play list, as well as some of the "College Level" courses and some formal debates he has had, against evolutionists and atheists.